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420 more like 440 ahahaaa am i right

go practice you dirtbag

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Hey, this isn’t for me, or even anyone in my family. And I apologize for the deviation in blog content for a minute. But one of the parents of some of the kids in my local music program has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  This is especially bad because these girls just lost their mother last year. This is really important. He’s going into surgery today. They don’t know I’m posting this, but if anyone could donate a little bit or signal boost this, I’d really appreciate it.


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they-call-me-elvis → O great and glorious prophet of the instrument world, how compatible is an alto, flutist, pianist girl with a tenor boy? I shall send thanks by offering a goat sacrifice through fan mail.

You know I usually hate compatibility asks, but when you start offering up the goat sacrifices I get the thrill of the hunt coursing within me.

You’re probably very compatible, especially because you’re an alto and not a soprano (sopranos and tenors are usually a no go unless there’s something to offset the anger of the gods) but you might want to pick up the slide whistle as an extra precaution. 

#I'd need a blood sample from both of you to be one hundred percent sure

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Just going to leave this here in case anyone is interested in joining in the instrument shaming fad: http://instrumentshaming.tumblr.com

go on, submit some of your own

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So I heard instrument shaming was a thing.


So I heard instrument shaming was a thing.

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Did someone say instrument shaming?


Did someone say instrument shaming?

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Music major? More like binge eating at 2 AM because your free time is spent practicing and the dining hall closes at 7:30.

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riomonkey11 → What do you think of bassoons?

What’s a bassoon

is that like a flute

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