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Anonymous → Sometimes I feel like playing all the musical instruments in this world but I can't sigh you feel my pain?

Yeah I feel this.
My personal weakness lies in brass instruments. I want to play everything, but then I’m like “nah man. Brass.”

Brass is amazing and sounds fantastic, don’t misunderstand, but the embouchures are just so darned uncomfortable to me that I’ll probably never touch them after I don’t have to.

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Anonymous → I have been playing clarinet since I was 11-12 years old. I mostly just did sports then, so I didn't take my clarinet serious AT ALL (seriously, I never practised), until I ditched all my sporty activities and I really began to take my clarinet seriously, which was about 3 years ago. I am 18 now and I am actually considering to start playing bassoon, but am I too old to start learning it? I am not nearly as good at clarinet as I would like to be, because of my past neglect. What do you think?

You’re never ever too old to start learning an instrument. Heck, I’m 18 too and I picked up viola a few months ago.

But bassoon is a TOUGH instrument, I’ll warn you. You should only go through with it if you’re really serious about learning it. Double reeds are difficult and frustrating. But if it’s something you really want to do, then do it. Otherwise you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

The worst that could happen by trying it is that you won’t like it and you’ll quit. Which is better than regretting not trying it.

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thatturtlegirlanna → I recently started playing oboe again after about a 2 year hiatus (I used to be very good). I auditioned for my college and got cut from the wind ensemble and placed in orchestra instead. I'm really enjoying orchestra, but I want to make wind ensemble next year. What should I do to prove to the director of bands that I'm good enough?

This is another odd question to me, because everywhere I ever was they put the better wind players in orchestra. Are you positive it’s a demotion?

But with the understanding that not everywhere is the same, here’s my advice. Keep practicing to get up to where you once were. Get used to the instrument again and it will come back to you. It’s always frustrating to come back to something after a break, and while you were on hiatus the other oboists weren’t and were improving. This gap is not impossible to overcome, as it might be for someone who was starting from scratch. Accept that you’ll need time to get back to where you once were, but if you give your oboe some TLC it will come back to you and you’ll start to improve and get better again.

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Anonymous → is there any way to magically become prepared for an audition that you have literally done nothing to prepare for?

Not really, no. The best you can do is practice as much as you can in the time still available to you (with no distractions. None.) and use this to learn from your mistake.

If you still have days before the audition, you still have time, but don’t expect the best results. 

If you have hours, practice what you can, slow down the tempo, and don’t overdo it or else you’ll wear yourself out. It would be better to play it too slow and correctly, than sloppy and up to tempo. Worry about tempo the least, if you’ve gotten to the “hours” mark, it’s best to look at dynamics and accidentals and basics.

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nat-the-nevernormal → So next year I'm going into highschool and I want to be in the advanced bands. I play bassoon and i want to know what can I do as a bassoonist to get in those advanced bands

I’m probably not the best person to ask because where I come from double reed players are so rare that you can get into an advanced band just by existing/breathing

But really, just practice your butt off. Work on your tone and technique, listen to really good bassoon players to motivate yourself and find a sound you like to work towards. Knowing what you want to sound like helps more than I can tell you.

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Anonymous → what about my soul? i dont play jazz i dont need that thing

Then I say chuck it.

Who needs a soul anyway

good reeds are worth it

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Anonymous → i just need to ask its justifiable to sell my mother to the devil for a lifetime supply of perfect reeds right?

No. This woman gave you life.

But a sibling or cousin is totally forfeit.

#i would probably sell my cousin to the devil for a toothbrush

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Anonymous → what should i say to some one who told me playing saxophone is stupid and i should go learn to make real music like nikki manage or lil wayne... im contemplating murder but im not sure yet

…”real music”

you mean autotune and synth and fake instruments?

Maybe you should just call them out on how wrong they are instead. But they probably would never understand even if you hit them over the head with a brick the size of how wrong they are. Sometimes it’s better not to argue with idiots. I would just avoid that person for the rest of your life.

(Adding on that I respect Nicki Minaj a lot as a person from what I’ve seen of her interviews and stuff but you’ll never get me to like her music. Ever.)

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My goal in life is to become the favorite blog of a band director.

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Oboe Reed-Purpose #3: The Grim Reeder


Oboe Reed-Purpose #3: The Grim Reeder

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