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Anonymous → My band director loves one of the bassoon players so much that he's allowing the guy to march recorder next season

So surely your show is tribal ritual themed and he’s the obligatory sacrifice, yes?

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Anonymous → So here is my dilemma. I play: Violin Bb, alto, bass, and contralto Clarinet Tenor and Bari sax Oboe ??????? So which one should I choose when the instruments are stereotyped, because it's spread across everywhere? Also I'm my own personality category

We’ve received a few asks from people wondering how to determine your primary instrument when concerning stereotypes and lists and such, so I’m going to do my best to answer it. Also, please keep in mind that stereotypes are just that. There is an exception to every rule and not every player of an instrument will necessarily match up to every (or any) stereotype for that instrument. 

Some people like me only play the one instrument, so that is their primary by default. Some people play two or three. I know someone who can play at least a dozen. In either of the latter cases, or anywhere in between, I’d say that your primary instrument is the one you’re most comfortable with. Ultimately, your “primary” instrument is up to you to decide. Depending on the musician it could be the one you play most often,  like playing the most, or learned to play first. I hope I was able to help clear some things up! - Jon

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geronimoisturizeme → dokidokistarfish reminded me of this- so this guy moved from Puerto Rico and started going to school. His flute was supposed to come in the mail. we're all like alright man that's cool. and it comes. and it's a recorder... and now the flutes go in a practice room during class and he leaves when it gets too loud like?? we're flutes do you know what that means??? i'm p sure no one even tells him when concerts are though bc he doesn't play anything ever


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My band director refers to trombones as “instruments of mass destruction”.


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dokidokistarfish → In 7th grade we had a guy who didn't know what to play so he brought his recorder and insisted it was a band instrument and refused to play anything else. The director couldn't get him to pick a real instrument for about a half-hour. Long story short, he play flute terribly now.

You let him in the band room with that abomination? How dare he dishonor a place so holy to the ensemble?

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Anonymous → most people are probably asking you compatibility questions here because you can't ask questions on the other blog

I’m aware of the problem and I’d totally fix that immediately but I’m not the admin that runs that blog. :(

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sp1cymay0 → A while ago I asked you guys on the other blog whether a relationship with a female cellist (meee) and male percussionist would ever work out. I just wanted to tell you that it worked out perfectly and thanks sooo much for giving me hope :)

Aw yay. :) I’m so happy for you.

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Today I bought a book of Frozen sheet music for Ukulele because who wouldn’t want to sing Let it Go with a ukulele.

#Why does it exist #what does it want from us #it was two dollars cheaper than the piano book and #i'm poor

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Anonymous → Im a double reed player (Oboe) who needed to attend private lessons through my early years because the teachers at my school knew barely anything about double reed instruments. Most of the "new" stuff they try to teach me was covered by my tutor, and they keep treating me like I dont know what im doing. What should I do?

Sometimes with teachers it’s best to be quiet and pretend like they’re helping- especially if you’re stuck with them for a much longer period of time. But if it really bothers you, stand up for yourself.

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Anonymous → Thank you for your advice on my dented flute. I just got back from a music shop where it was examined and the guy said that it wouldn't even be worth fixing the damage from the fall it took because it's incredibly old and worn from so many other kids playing it. Guess who gets to purchase a new flute :/

If I were you I’d get a second opinion. Unless there was major damage to the keys, tone hole, or other parts of the flute, it sounds like he was fibbing to try and get you to buy something. Because really that kind of fix should be under $80.

If it’s just a dent in the head joint, and nothing else, it is literally one of the easiest fixes a shop can do, regardless of the age of the instrument. A quick google search can tell you that much.

I’d really have to see the damage myself to know for sure though.